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Monday, September 27, 2004

I Don't Think So . . . 

Another quiz, this one I don't think was all that accurate. All the automatics are 9mm, and I don't event own a 9mm. My current carry weapon is a .40 calibre Glock 23C, and my previous was either a Colt 1911 Govt. model in .45 ACP or an Iver Johnson Pony in .380 ACP. The Iver Johnson was a Colt design and worked just like the .45. And I've never owned a Beretta, unless you count airsoft guns.

You're good. Almost as good as a Sig but are cheaper. Thats why the US military chose you. You're kinda scary.
Beretta92fs. You're good. Almost as good as a Sig
but are cheaper. Thats why the US military
chose you. You're kinda scary.

What handgun are you?
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Microsoft Forger 

Just the thing for faking documents. Too bad Dan Rather didn't have this a couple of weeks ago. But then Microslop always releases late . . .

The Curt Jester: MS Forger

Monday, September 20, 2004

Video Links 

The Infamous Spitfire Low Pass:

Low Spit

Jet R/C Tomcat Video:

Model Tomcat

MiG-29 Tries to Retract the Landing Gear a Little Early:


R/C B-52 Bites The Dust:

$53,000 Down the Hole

Swiss Mirage IIIs (Warning: BIG File (36 MB/15Min)) :


Fictional American Presidents 

US Presidents from Movies, TV, and a few books. Each listing has the president's name, the movie or show they were in, and who played him/her.

Fictional American Presidents

More Quizzes 

What Peanuts Character Are You?

You are Marcie!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
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What High School Stereotype Are You?

F-16's Rule 

These guys had a great video of HUD footage. They had the privelege of doing ACM with a detachment of Luftwaffe Mig-29's that came over for Red Flag a while back, and well, the video speaks for itself. They had to take it down due to bandwidth concerns, but hope to have it back up in October.


More Big Jet Models 

German site featuring big jet-powered R/C airliners. 747, DC-10 Airbus and Concorde

Tomcat's Last Westpac Cruise 

The sun is setting on the F-14 Tomcat. As the F/A-18 E and F Join the fleet, more of the veterans from Grumman's "Iron Works" are going to the boneyard. The F-14's first combat cruise was to Westpac aboard Enterprise in 1974 , this will be her last. There is a lot of capability that is being given up by going to the Superbug.
F-14s heading to aircraft graveyard

Still More Fonts!  

Lots of downloadable fonts, most with a Sf/Fantasy theme.

Iconian Fonts

Fonts, Fonts, We Got Fonts! 

A site with links to downloadable fonts used for Serial numbers, radio call, etc on military aircraft. Hnad for the modeller who wants to mkae some custom decals or for custom aircraft skins in you favorite flight sim.


A Modeling Post - What a Concept! 

Here's a really neat idea. Use a kitchen range hood as the top of a spray booth. I might just look into this as a way to spray inside. The wife is fume-crazy with the budgie about.
Building A Paint Booth

Blast From the Past 

A Memory site dealing with some toys of the '50s and '60's. A lot of good memories here!

Feeling Retro

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