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Monday, September 20, 2004

Video Links 

The Infamous Spitfire Low Pass:

Low Spit

Jet R/C Tomcat Video:

Model Tomcat

MiG-29 Tries to Retract the Landing Gear a Little Early:


R/C B-52 Bites The Dust:

$53,000 Down the Hole

Swiss Mirage IIIs (Warning: BIG File (36 MB/15Min)) :


Oh, that B-52 crash is cringe-inducing. $53k? I hope they got more than one flight out of the thing!

It reminded me of the crash at Fairchild AFB. http://www.alexisparkinn.com/photogallery/Videos/B-52%20Crash.mpg

May have had the same cause...

(A note regarding this awful video, provided by a former B-52 pilot: "The B-52 in a steep turn at low airspeed loses roll control, resulting in a natural over-banking tendency. The small rudder authority is unable keep the nose from dropping, nor can it pick up the lower wing. B-52s do not have conventional ailerons, but spoilers on the upper wing surface similar to the MU-2. The first flashes of light seen prior to impact is the lower wing contacting high power transmission lines in the area.") Found this at http://www.alexisparkinn.com/aviation_videos.htm

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