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Sunday, October 03, 2004

The Clock is Now Ticking for SpaceShipOne 

They're on the way. The Scaled Composites team made their first of two qualification flights for the X-Prize. Despite a scary series of barrel rolls, they made the altitude and landed successfilly. The second flight is planned for MONDAY! All systems are go. Go, baby, go!

SpaceShipOne Reaches Space Again, Lands

More info as well as video and more still pictures:

Tier One Home Page

More on the X-Prixe as well as links to the other teams:

Ansari X-Prize Home Page

Richard Branson has entered into an agreement with the SpaceShipOne Team to use their system for space tourism They plan start flying paying passengers to sub-orbital space by 2007. More Info:

Virgin Galactic
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