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Sunday, August 08, 2004

I'm Tired of Being Dead and Wet 

I'm playing Medal of Honor-Allied Assault on the PC and have gotten through the Tunisia and Norway missions on my own, but now I'm stumped. Anybody out there have ANY hints on how to get off the bloody beach in the Normandy scenario? I keep getting chopped up just as I get onto the beach. When I get TO the beach. All the gaming sites have are cheat codes, but I just want to know how to work my way ashore on this one. I can't find any walkthroughs or hints, just cheat codes.

Also in Medal of Honor-Spearhead, how do you keep the agent alive long enough to open the door?

get behind the steel traps on the beach and then work your way up to the left. makes sure you save as you go, but don't save if you don't have much health left. Medal or honor is a great game and I have played it several times.... even had flash backs after playing for twelve hours. I think the beach is probably pretty hard and then once you get off the beach, it will test your patients until you get into the barracks.
I saw your picture of the 109. I use to fly in a B25, the Yellow Rose, When it was at Stinson Airport in San Antonio. Now I don't have the time to fly anymore.

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