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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Valkyries!- The All-Girl Fighter Squadron 

The Israeli Air force has fielded the first all-female Jet fighter Squadron. First Fighter (aka 101) Squadron, currently flying the F-16C/D, was chsen to be the first fighter squadron in the worls to be completely staffed from pilots to technicians by women. Ten years ago, the first women entered IDF/AF pilot training. Now there are enough qualified female avoators to staff acomplete squadron. The only non-femal positions are the most senior officers, as there are no women with the required experience and time of service, but that will chage as they get more service time.
How will Arab pilots react to being bested not only by Jews but Jewish WOMEN?

Female Fighter Squadron
I expect Arab pilots will poop in their pants, just before their aircraft is destroyed. Heh.

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