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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Your Favorite Fictional Characters 

A recent meme amonst conservative bloggers was to list your favorite fictional Characters. You can pick from 10-25. The results listed here were very interesting.

My list (In no particular order)

1: Valentine Michael Smith (Stranger in a Strange Land)
2: Jubal Harshal (see above)
3: Masterharper Robinton (Dragonquest, etc by Anne McCaffrey)
4: Pappy Jack Holloway (Little Fuzzy, Fuzzy Sapiens by H. Beam Piper)
5: Jack Ryan (Hunt for Red October, etc)
6: Han Solo
7: Juan Rico (Starship Troopers)
8: Harve Rackham (Pulling Through, etc by Dean Ing)
9: Calvin Morrison (Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen, etc. by H. Beam Piper)
10: Win Bear (L. Neil Smith's The Probability Broach, etc.)
11: Kimball Kinnison (Triplanetary, etc by E.E. 'Doc' Smith)
12: Mr. Dubios (Starship Troopers)
13: Frodo Baggins (Lord of the Rings)
14: Gully Foyle (The Stars, My Destination)
15: Samwise Gamgee
16: Inigo Montoya (The Princess Bride)
17: Harry Potter
18: Gandalf
19: Luke Skywalker
20: Indiana Jones
21: Monk (from the Series with the same name)
22: Andy Sipowitz (NYPD Blue)
23: Jonathan Archer (Enterprise)
24: Reteif
25: Honor Harrington (On Basilisk Station, etc by David Weber)
There are more that I could add, but see the top vote getters here:
Bloggers Select Their Favorite Fictional Characters
Add: Jonnie Goodboy Tyler From Battlefield Earth
John Galt
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