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Thursday, June 03, 2004


In the midst of the 40th anniversary of D-Day commemorations in 1984, I was writing a check at the Kroger store in Warner Robins when I dated the check June 6, 1944. when I noticed the error and corrected it, the teeny-bopper who was checking me out asked if that was my birthday. I explained that it was the 40th anniversary of the D-Day invasion.

"D-Day? she asked dimly.

"You know, the Normandy invasion?" The lights were still off. "World War II? It was in all the papers." Long pause.

"Oh" The light started to shine. No more than 10 watts max. "I think we studied that in history class."

Well, it seems that school-age kids in England are no better. A recent survey showed that fewer than half of them could identify the date or the place the landings occurred, or any of the leaders on the Allied side, including Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister at the time. Unfortunately, the article does not link to a copy of the survey.

D-Day 1899 and President Denzel Washington is leading liberation of New Zealand from the Nazi's
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