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Saturday, May 15, 2004

What Guns Should You Own?  

An interesting article about what firearms someone should consider after deciding to have one or more firearms for self-defense. Some really-well considered ideas here. I have several pistols and rifles, but no shotguns. I haven't decided to make the purchase yet, and have to consider if Linda can handle it before I get one. I may go for a 20 gauge, instead of a 12 for that reason.

I have a friend who can testify that the sound of a shotgun being racked can cause an intruder to exit post haste. He once heard someone sneaking into his house at night. He quietly retrieved his Mossberg 500 12 gauge and racked the pump to load the first round. The next thing he heard was the front door slamming open and a "WHUMP!-THUD!" as someone ran full-tilt into the pine tree 10 feet from his front door.

What Guns Should You Own?
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