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Saturday, May 08, 2004

Airshow Today! 

NAS Atlanta is having an open house today and Sunday. The Blue Angels will be performing. This will be the first time a jet team has performed here in 18 years. The following acts are also on the flying schedule:

F-15 Eagle Demonstration, Careers In Aviation flying the L-39 Albatros, Patti Wagstaff in the Extra 300s, Sean Tucker in the Challenger, T-6A Texan II Demonstration Team, F-14 Tomcat Demonstration, T-6 SNJ, Dan McClung in the Talon Eagle, Sky Soldiers Tribute to Patriots, USAF Heritage Flight with F-86 Sabre, F-16 Falcon Demonstration, Air Force Reserve Jet Car, Eric Beard flying "Russian Thunder" (Yak-54), C-130 Hercules Air Drop Demonstration, Dale Snodgrass flying F-86 Sabre, Military Static Displays

Rumor has it that Delta Airlines will have N102DA "The Spirit of Delta" on static display in her "new" 30's-retro paint scheme. I will be there tomorrow, as I unfortunately have to work Sunday.

On another note, the Blues flew a practice show today, and I swear that the building I work in started to lean noticeably to the west. We could see the show from our 9th floor location, and there were so many folks checking it out, that you might have thought the floor sloped that way! At one point, they flew OVER the building less than 500 feet up!

I will be taking pictures of the static park, and may watch some of the flying, but will most likely leave early. It is going to be very hot out there, and I don't handle heat and blazing sun well. Look for a post pointing to pictures soon.

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