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Monday, May 10, 2004

Airshow Report 

Went to the "Angels Over Atlanta" airshow at NAS Atlanta this weekend. This was the first time a jet team had flown her in 18 years, so I was pumped. I enjoyed myself, but there were some things I found disappointing.

First, the High Points. Delta did have "Spirit of Delta" in the 75th anniversary scheme. Also present was "Ship 41", Delta's first DC-3 and a restored Travelair. I was able to get good pictures of a grey tiger painted aggressor F-5E, and got to see an F-86 Sabre in flight. The civilian aerobatic performers were excellent and the Air Force F-15 and F-16 Demos were impressive. The Heritage flight with the F-15, F16, & F-86 was major cool. I even enjoyed watching the Jet dragster race the aerobatic plane. (Lets see him try to outdrag the Viper). I do wish I had stayed to see the Army Aviation Heritage folks do their demo, as it looked good from the bus out to the parking lot, but the heat was a bit too much for Linda and myself. I watched the Blues twice this weekend from my office at work.

On the other hand, the static display area was thin, thin, thin. I Counted 19 aircraft in the static park. 2-F-18s, an F-5E, and an F-16C was it for the fast jets. A T-45 and L-39 for Jet trainers, 1- C-130, 1- E-2C, and 1-P-3C along with an AH-1W and UH-1N and a restored UH-1D. There was a T-28C, a T-34C, a T-34B, and that was it along with the three planes Delta brought. The new T-6A Texans were in the flying demo, but not in the static, along with the F-15 and F-14. No warbirds and very slim pickings of current stuff. Granted there was a B-25 over in Kennesaw, and airshows in Hickory, SC, and Vidalia, GA, that weekend that pulled a lot of warbirds away, but there are some local warbirds in this area that could have been talked into coming over, I'm sure. You'd have thought the organizers would have gotten Lockheed to drag an F-22 and C-130J over for the static, since they are being built on the other side of the runway. Also, why no flight demos of those two planes? The latest and greatest being built right here and the local taxpayers don't get to see them in action, or at least up close? And why no participation by the local AFRES unit showing what their C-130s can do? How come the Air Guard couldn't bring one of their planes up from Warner Robins? No Army Guard H-60s from the other side of the runway.

Thinking back, the Navy side has always had smaller shows and they do have a lot less ramp space. But when the Air Force side has an open house, there is a lot more to see. They bring more stuff for the static, more flying demos, and more warbirds. They could try a little harder and have a lot better show. That being said, I will go again the next time they have one. Its an airshow, its free, and its less than 20 minutes from home. It's just that it could be so much better.

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