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Friday, April 30, 2004

Down, but Not Yet Out 

Saw this post on the "Plane Talking" forum on Hyperscale yesterday. One of the real heroes of World War II is in a bad way. Those guys are failing fast. If anyone knows a WWII vet, please try to get them to tellyou about their experiences. Get them on tape so they are not forgotten.

" Bad news re: Bob Morgan, Memphis Belle pilot...
Thu Apr 29, 2004 07:56

Just got this from a friend... Bob's a tough one, and he's gonna need all that toughness to get through this. I met him last fall in Richmond, and was deeply, deeply impressed by this man and his wife Linda- they run an animal rescue program in the Asheville area, and are truly wonderful people.

We're pullin' for you, Col. Morgan...

Bob fell last Wed at the Asheville Regional Airport and broke his neck. He fell face down on the pavement. He's been in ICU at Mission Hospital since and is holding his own. He's heavily sedated and has not opened his eyes for three days.

He stopped breathing yesterday and they put in a ventilator which perked him up immediately. Tonight at 7:30pm they'll do a tracheotomy so they have a permanent airway.

he's not paralyzed thank God, but will have to wear a brace for six months.

Say prayers.

Linda Morgan
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