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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Almost Through 

Been working on re-working the storage in my hobby room. We emptied the closet and installed several full-length wire shelves to increase storage space. Also added a 6x6for rolling storage unit and a couple of rolling bins for the unbuilt rocket kits. I've been cataloging my kits in Word Perfect as I am replacing them on the shelves. I'm almost done with the injection-molded kits. Current count is 786. I have one box left to do, and expect to finish up at a bit over 800 kits. This does not count the flying model rocket kits, the vacuforms, and the six large storage bins full of kits out in the shed.

Now, I have to rearrange some of the furniture to provide access to the window and possibly build a vented spray booth, so I can spray in the house regardless of weather. Michaels has a 50% off coupon and I'm thinking seriously about finally breaking down and buying a compressor to use with the airbrush I've had for many years, but have rarely used.

Then I can finally get back to building models!
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