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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Rockets 'R' Us 

Marietta IPMS had their monthly meeting today. Since the meeting was on the 39th anniversary of the Apollo 1 fire, it was decided to have a "Everybody Build a rocket" theme. At the October meeting, Mike Idacavage, James Corley and I came up with a plan. We had another motivation. The club has one member, Mack Cobb, who for some unknown reason, has a problem with rocket models. It has gotten to the point where he puts a special line item in the meeting agenda "for the rocket geeks" (as opposed to the "real modelers", I suppose) and he is always going on about "not another rocket". Mack Coaches High school football, so he misses the meetings during the fall. So we planned to get everyone to build some sort of rocket model and have the "all rockets" meeting on the first meeting he made after football season. Also enlisted in the conspiracy was Dr. Bob, the club secretary, who sent out meeting reminders to everybody but Coach with reminders about the theme.

Here are the models I brought. I built 6 of them especially for this meeting.

My rocket models

From left to right: 1/200 Apollo 7 Saturn 1b (AMT), 1/72 Project Blossom V-2 (New Ware), 1/144 Juno II (New Ware), 1/144 Thor-Agena (New Ware), 1/72 V-2 (MPM), 1/144 Delta 4 Medium 5,4 (Real Space), 1/200 Gemini-Titan and Mercury-Atlas (AMT), 1/48 Redstone (Cutting Edge/Glencoe), 1/110 Redstone (Revell), 1/48 Jupiter C (Glencoe), 1/300 Jupiter C (Glencoe), 1/200 Mercury-Redstone, (AMT), 1/35 Mercury-Redstone (Estes), 1/40 Nike Hercules (Revell)

More rocket models

Left to right: Mike's Delta 4 Work in progress, Estes Spaceship One build by one of Bob Morales' Sons, Mercury-Redstone and Atlas, James Corley's Saturn 1B, Modified Saturn Vs, Estes X-Prize rocket, Atomic City 1/12 Mercury capsule, Atlas-Agena, and severla 1/700 Shuttles (both Russian and American), Delta 4 Heavy, Araine 4 & 5, Suyuz, Proton, Mercury-Redstone, and X-34. Most of these are still works in progress.

Modified Saturns

James' modified 1/144 Saturn Vs

Wrecked Launch Pad

Bob Morales brought this Diorama, "Rio, We have a Problem", which was inspired by a news report of an Bazilian launch attempt.

A couple of non-rocket Models.

P-51 Mustang Model

P-51D Mustang

A-26B Model

1/72 Revell of Germany (Not Italeri) A-26B Invader

I was unable to get pictures of the Klingon Test Vehicle, Vector La-5Fn or MiG-21PF that were also brought.

The victim, captured as he came in the door and saw the "Rocket Garden." To add insult to injury, in a flurry of ballot box stuffing, my Nike Hercules won model of the month, and Mack won the door prize, an Apex 1/144 Sputnik kit, which he then gave to one of the boys.

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