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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Matchstick Models 

A listing of large models made entirely of matchsticks. Large models. Some have as many as 100,000 matchsticks and more. That's dedication. Some are pictured, some were sold to other displays, but they have a museum in Iowa where some are on display.

Matchstick Marvels: Models

The Ultimate "Garage Sale" 

It has been said that the Soviet military threw nothing away. Now, in an effort to raise some hard currency, the Red Army is selling off their stocks of left over gear from "The Great Patriotic War." They expect that museums will go after much of the gear, but the average collectors are going for some of the stuff, too. Everythign from rifles pistols and other small arms, up through T-34 and T-54 tanks. Just the thing to park in the front yard.

Red Army's Weapons Sale

U.S. Military Aircraft Designations 

The place to go when you are figuring out just what the heck a PW-1 or an SB2C-2N are. Breaks down the Aircraft designation systems used by the Army, Navy, and Air Force since before World War 1.

U.S. Military Aircraft Designations 1911-2004

The A/B-26 Invader 

A site dedicated to the A-26 Invader. Photos, cockpit diagrams, profiles, firebombers and "what-ifs"

The A/B-26 Invader

Vintage Aircraft photos 

B&W photos of a variety of aircraft, WWII and later.

Aircraft Photos

Early Aircraft Design 

A collection of pen and ink drawings of aircraft and flying machines from first days of flight throuh the late forties or so. Early Aircraft Drawings

British Aerospace Project Names 

What's the difference between a Red Top, a Black Arrow and a Blue Vixen*? The brits use a colour code to describe their various projects. Here is the site that translates. (*An air-to air missile, a satellite booster, and the radar in the Sea Harrier)

UK Aero Names

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