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Saturday, December 25, 2004


Finally got the "new" computer up and connected to the net. Ended up disabling the onboard NIC and installing a new one from scratch, but now I can even see Linda's computer on the network. Now I'm reinstalling the other net apps and relinking to a couple of sites. I already like Firefox 1.0 even better than the old one.

Friday, December 24, 2004

I WANT some of THESE! 

Imagine the looks you'll get. Tie these to your car and drive like a bat out of hell with a VERY nervous look on you face...

Missile balloons!

It's the God-Emperor of Christmas 

The line is from the "Santa Claus Blues" segment of the Atlanta Radio Theater Company's "An Atlanta Christmas" (Buy their tapes and CDs here). (Free Plug) It refers to how kids look on that big guy in the red suit up on his throne in Toyland or the local mall. A funny series of kid's first exposure to old St. Nick.

Scared of Santa Photo Gallery

What Happened the Week You Were Born? 

TIME magazine has put their entire article database on line. This includes all of their covers from 1923-Present. Search for your cover.

TIME.com: TIME Magazine Cover Search

Wild Blue Geek Speak 

When computer geeks get together, the conversation often devolves into a barely intelligible (to non-techies, anyway) babbling of jargon and acronyms. This is often referred to as "Neeping". I once stated that people in other technical fields do the same, the only difference being the jargon. Thus was born "car neeping", "camera neeping", "gun neeping", etc. This site is full of the terms used during "airplane neeping." It's a more than somewhat slanted to modern naval aviation (considering the source, I'm not surprised), but still a fairly complete dictionary of aviator slang and jargon. Just the place to go if you want to know the difference between a "bogey' and a "bandit."

Aviator's Slang

Old Ironsides Deploys 

Linked without comment.

Watley Review: Page Two

Peter Panzer Killer 

I've seen this before, but its a pretty sick/funny adaptation of the Peter Rabbit Story.

Metropolitan Wargamers

Thursday, December 23, 2004

B-26 Mauraders in Color 

Commemorative web site of a Medium Bomber group in the MTO. The main page links to pictures in B&W and colour as well as colour movie clips.

B-26 320th BG Film Clips

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