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Friday, November 12, 2004

10 Geekiest Hobbies 

Luckily, I've not heavily into any of these now. And I was only into a couple of them at all. I have my own geeky hobbies not mentioned in this article.

Geek Hobbies


Cockpit video of OV-10 Bronco during takeoff and landing.


What Kind of a Blogger am I? 

You Are a Link Blogger!

Your blog is more about cool links than thoughtful posts.
Better to be entertaining and brief than longwinded and boring!

What kind of blogger are you?

Cleaning the Trilogy 

A look at how much work went into the restoration of the first three Star Wars films for the DVD set. Each frame had 70 megs of data, requiring the use of 600 Apple G5s and 400 TERAbytes of storage.

Macs do Star Wars dirty work

Hawk 75 

A magnificent restoration of a Hawk 75 (P-36) in French markings. Unfortunately, it is headed for England for display.

First look at TFC's Hawk 75

Eject! Eject! Eject! 

Pilot ejects from his AV-8B when the engine fails at low altitude/airspeed. Note that he lands on top of the aircraft after it impacts the water.

Harrier ejection video

Where Does the Money Go? 

Track your paper money as it circulates across the country.

Where's George? 2.0

ETO Club 

A site with discussion groups and photo archives. WWII Air can ground vehicles other stuff.

ETO Club - Home

Too Damn Close 

The Flight Deck of an aircraft carrier is one of the most dangerous places to work in the world. People and aircraft moving in close proximity in a very small space. Here are a collection of close call videos recodred by flight deck cameras. Some have the story by the men involved.

Video Library

WW II-Era Clothing 

A great source for WWII-era miltary and work clothing. Lots of leather flying jackets (USAAF, USN/USMC, British and German patterns), headgear and shirts as well as period civilian denim work clothing. Good looking stuff, but the prices! $95 for a khaki uniform shirt. Leather flying jackets $750-$1300 each.

History Preservation Associates

Zeros in Flight 

Seen at an airshow in Japan. Two Mitsubishi F-1 Jet Fighters doing a flyby with a pair of restored A6M Zeros. It wasn't that long ago that you would not have seen Japanese WWII warbirds in Japan.

F-1/A6M Flyby

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