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Friday, June 25, 2004

The All-Electric Warship 

Energy weapons will be going to sea soon, if current trends continue. The DD(X), the Navy's latest surface combatant design will pave the way to actually fielding the stereotypical "death ray." Current ships of the Arleigh Burke Class have four gas turbines spinning the prop shafts, along with three more for generating about 7.5 Mogadishu of power for electrical equipment. The drive turbines power can only be used for propulsion, and is wasted when they don't have to devote full power to moving the ship.

The DD(X) will have an integrated Power System (IPS) where four turbines generate power for all ship's functions, including the electric motors driving the propellers. The generating power will be in the range of 75 megawatts, and excess power will be stored in capacitors or flywheels to be used when needed.

The Navy is looking into ways that extra power can be used as a weapon. It is entirely possible that in addition to conventional guns and missiles, that in the very near future, free electron lasers, microwave beam weapons and rail guns may be providing a high tech "punch" to seaborne combat.

I have read that the CTOL version of the F-35 JSF may use the excess power and space that is used for the lift fan of the V/STOL versions to power a megawatt class laser. It seems that the power generation capabilities and weapons technology might be coming together to make such "SF" weapons possible.

Electric Warship
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