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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Site Decoration & Current Events 

Just created a new title bar with the assistance of my wife. We activated some previously-unused web space we have access to, and now I'll be able to post pictures. Also note the contact address above. Please send me a note if you read something you wish to comment on. Just put in the appropriate (punctuation).

Blogging has been a bit slow of late. Linda went in the hospital on Wednesday to have a quite large cyst removed from her abdomen. She also had a complete hysterectomy and an oomphorectomy. The good news is that the cyst was just that, and she is already home. I'll be spending the next week with her at home to make sure everything's OK; she'll be home for another month.

While this is NOT a political blog, a quick perusal of my blogroll should indicate what my personal views are. I've been following the news from overseas with more than a casual interest. Here's hoping our troops in Iraq kick some ass and take names. On second thought, they should just kick ass, I personally don't care what their names are.

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