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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Raptor Spotting 

Went out for ice cream this afternoon. Our favorite ice cream place is called "Brusters": and is an open-air place. We go there partly because they will give us a "doggy sundae" (small scoop of vanilla w/ dog biscuits) so we take Willow out for a ride. Anyway, the Brusters we went to is is up on a hill jsut south of the Dobbins AFB runway. We had a cold front through last night, and the sky was 'severe clear,' so blue it almost hurts to look at it. The wind was from the WNW and aircraft were landing east to west, and we got a good look at anything on final. Looked up after we got there, and spotted an F/A-22 coming in with a white/red Flight Test F-16B as chase. Didn't get a close enough view to see if the Raptor had anything other than usual markings.
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