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Sunday, February 01, 2004

There Was a Football Game Today? 

As the title above implies, I'm not much of a sports fan. I don't live under a rock, so I'm aware that the S(t)uper Bowl was played this evening. Neither Linda nor I care much who won. Actually, I hope it ended in a 2-2 tie and they both looked bad doing it.

We spent the evening watching our favorite episodes of FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON. We started with SPIDER (Apollo 9), went to IS THAT ALL THERE IS (Apollo 12), CAN WE DO THIS (Mercury & Gemini) and finished with LA VOYAGE DANS LE LUNE (Apollo 17). The final sequence where they show aerial (?) views of each of the landing sites always bring tears to my eyes.

It makes me so mad that the politicians pissed all that we did away. We had the technology working, and we were getting good at what we were doing up there. If we had kept up, there's no telling where we'd be. Now, we have to practically start from scratch.

I never mentioned several of the notable models I saw yesterday. A friend of mine from Warner Robins came up and had two humorous models. The first was an M3 Grant tank hull with a giant brain grafted on top. A fountain penr replaced the barrel, the hull was covered with scientific and mathematic graffiti, and had a pair of thick glasses (Bridge broken and repaired with tape) on the front glacis. It was, of course, a "Think Tank". The other was a 40's era panel van chopped, channeled and grafted into a roll of toilet tissue- a "TP Cruiser".

There was a well done figure of Boris Karloff sitting in a make-up chair having the Frankenstein's Monster makeup done. Another had Ed Harris in with an ABYSS alien which had blinking LEDs on the inside. A junior modeller (a girl, IIRC) entered a pair of "Ensign Darwin" kits leaping out of the water side by side. I think she won "Best Junior". There was a nicely done scratchbuild of the canonical S.S. Enterprise (NX-01). Best of show I mentioned last night. There were tons of car models, but I just glanced at them. Cars are just not my thing.

I also had a taste of women feel whenn they arrive at a party to see someone else wearing the exact same outfit. I had entered a 1/72 scale F-4E in Israeli Air Force markings. I had chosen to model ac #209 of the"Hammers" squadron. I returned later to find that someone else had done the exact same model. And, his was better than mine. Figure the odds.
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