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Sunday, February 08, 2004

A Blast from the Past 

At AAA Hobbies for my weekly styrene fix today. In the corner shelf where the Snap-tites were kept, I spotted a stack of smallish blue boxes. They were a series of kits from Testors called "Easy-Builders." I took a look and they were reissues of old Hawk kits from the 60's: four WWII aircraft in 1/72: Zero, Bf-109, Spitfire 24, and SBD Dauntless; four WWII-ships US Navy Destroyer (looks like a Fletcher from the cover art), US Coast Guard Cutter (USCGC Bibb) US Navy LST (Landing Ship Tank, LST 493 per the decal) and a US Navy PT Boat (PT-109 per the box art). The ships are around 1/600 scale: Cutter is 1/600, LST- 1/613, DD-1/582. The PT is different at 1/200. The box art, while action-filled, is rather crude, and nowhere near as nice as the original. The kits are molded in the same semi-translucent white plastic I remember. They even still have their original 1960's copyrights embossed in the molds. The series also include 4-1/32 scale Bonneville salt flat racers. They are all not bad little kits, and pretty good representations of the subjects and are down in what now is considered the "kid's pocket money" price range at $4.00 each. Of course, I have a couple of the original plane kits in my collection- original retail price was 39 cents! I did pick up the LST and the Cutter. The Bibb survived the war and lasted long enough to get the Peacetime Coast Guard paint scheme of white with a red and a blue stripe.
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